Space structures in terms of materials

Steel space structures
Steel is the most widely used material in the construction of space structures. Perhaps the most important reason is its high hardness and weldability. Another useful feature of steel is the variety of steel profiles and their abundance in most parts of the world, especially in industrialized countries.

Space structures in terms of materials

Aluminum space structures
One of the materials that is being considered now is aluminum. One of the obvious advantages of aluminum is its light weight. As the weight of aluminum is about 1.3 times the weight of steel. It also has higher corrosion resistance than steel. Finally, aluminum is still more expensive than steel.

Space structures in terms of materials

Wooden space structures
Wood was used as a raw material in the Middle Ages to cover the roof. The use of laminated timber to build space structures provided an economical way to build these structures. Wooden domes are very common in covering school halls and sports halls.

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Design, production and execution of space structures

Design, production and execution of space structures
Space Structures Group is always a leader in providing technical engineering services outside and inside the borders of our dear Iran by designing, producing and executing various types of space structures projects.

Evidence of this claim is the construction and installation of space structure projects from south to north of Iran and neighboring Iraq in such a way that from the shores of the Persian Gulf (Hormozgan) in Hormozgan and Khuzestan provinces to the Caspian Sea coast and the mountains of Ararat in Mako and From the south of Iraq in the beautiful port city of Basra to the north of the Kurdish region of Kirkuk, the space structures of space have been remembered as souvenirs of art and experience.

Tehran Space Structures, Isfahan Space Structures, Mashhad Space Structures, Tabriz Space Structures, Khuzestan Space Structures, within the geographical borders of Iran and also Iraqi space structure projects, especially in the holy city of Najaf. Shahr-e-Salam, Alavi School and ……. Another honor of the space structures team is space.

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Definition of space structures (space structures)

Definition of space structures (space structures)
A structure that exhibits three-dimensional behavior and its entire behavior can not be approximated by at least one or more two-dimensional independent groups is called a space structure or space structure. Based on this, it is better to say that a large part of the structures, such as some arches and brick domes of the predecessors, are also considered as space structures, but we prefer special 3D structures that mystics are direct members with rigid connections. Or joint formed.

Types of roofs of space structures

Types of roofs of space structures
۱) The roof of a cable or stretch structure that is mostly used in bridges.
۲) Arched roofs that work under pressure and are used in building bridges.
۳) Beam and column roof or frame system that apply load through bending transmission and axial force transmission.
۴) Trusses that are divided into two categories of space structures and flat structures.
۵) Networks, which are called the system of beams and columns in a coil.
۶) Slabs are divided into two categories, one-sided and two-sided, which are mostly used for roofs.
۷) Shells or membranes, which are often made in rotation in water sources and made of steel and sometimes brick.
Space Structure – Space Structure – Space Structure – Space Structure – Space Structure – Space Structure

Production process of space structures

Production process of space structures
The production process of the space structure begins with the design consultation of the structure and continues with the review and selection of the architectural design of the space structure. Then, the proposal of the preliminary design of the space structure along with the estimation of the construction cost of the space structure has been submitted to the esteemed customer so that after approval, the contract for the construction of the space structure will be concluded. Obviously, at this stage, the initial plan must be finalized so that immediately after this stage and after the approval of the proposed plan of the technical and engineering team by the esteemed employer, the main basis for preparing and compiling the calculation book has been determined. Obviously, after the calculation book submitted by the technical office to the employer is approved, the process of preparing plans for the production of all components and parts of the space structure will be on the agenda. Finally, after the completion of the construction and production operations of the space structure in the space structure factory, we enter the loading, transportation and docking section at the project site, where the weaving phase and installation of the space structure or space frame assembly begins.

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Structure of the space structure

Three-layer networks in space structures
The three-layer spatial structure networks consist of two top and bottom plates and a center plate, each of which is connected to the center plate by the middle and bottom plates. These nets are used when the structure has a very large opening and the height of the two-layer network does not meet its constraints.

Cast iron space structures
If a grid is curved in one direction, it is called a cast structure. These are mostly used to cover rectangular surfaces.

Dome space structures
If the grid is curved in two directions, it is called a dome space structure. In constructing domes, it is tried that the members have the same size, but in any case, the number of types of members will be large. To create a dome structure, it is enough to draw a grid (in any desired shape) on a sphere.

Folding space structures
These types of structures can be folded and moved like umbrellas and their main use is in places where it is not possible to build other structures due to weather, space, time and materials constraints. Folding structures are mostly used for temporary places such as circuses, exhibitions and flood and earthquake areas.

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